Natural Edge Framing and Photography Terms and Conditions

Our business takes great pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction. We invite you to read our Terms and Conditions to get the most out of your experience with us.

Our website and social media pages display examples of frames which now adorn the homes of our clients. If you have seen one you want every effort will be made to reproduce that frame, as close as possible, to what you see.  However, what you see will not always be what you get.

Let us explain.

We can reproduce the same frames made with prefabricated mouldings.  Each moulding will always be the same in colour, texture, appearance and dimension. Therefore frames made from mouldings as seen on our website is what you will receive.

Straight edge timber frames can also be reproduced but there will be a difference. For example, if you want the same frame width we can do this but the difference we speak of will be in the appearance of the timber.  Each length of timber comes with its own unique grain.  This means the texture, pattern and sometime colour of each straight edge frame will end up a little different each time.

Our bark edge timber frames will appear different every time.  They will be different in shape, texture and often colour.  While we can accomodate your choice of timber, making the same bark edge frame to one you see on our website is not possible. Irregularities in the timber’s live edge will make all frames vary in appearance. Therefore, the exact replication of a bark edge frame to one you see on our website can not be achieved.   While the natural edge gives our frames their beauty and unique appeal, every bark edge frame we make will be different to the last.


Timber Availability:

The timber species as displayed on our web site are available while stocks are in place.  From time to time however, we can not guarantee consistent stocks due to certain circumstances.  Events such as bush fire, moratoriums on logging, mill closures, diseases and COVID19 restrictions can limit availability.  We apologise in advance for any disappointment that may arise.

Natural Edge Framing and Photography strives to be an ethical business.

We comply with current regulations as set down by the Western Australian DBCA Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Regulations 2018.  And further, we comply with regulations as set out by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Biosecurity Act 2015.

We aim to be a credible business.

Credible practices are top of mind. In light of this, we source all our materials from only reputable licensed suppliers within the South West region of WA.  We want to assure our customers that our products are made with the highest integrity.


Terms and Conditions – What we guarantee

As a consumer you have automatic guarantees with purchases. Guarantees are also a given regardless of any warranty provided.

What we offer.

Products of acceptable quality, condition and sturdiness. It is imperative that we produce items that customers can trust.

Items matching the description as agreed upon. This gives you confidence that you will get what you paid for.

Our guarantees include;

Goods that are fit for the disclosed purpose. Our goods will last.

Products that come with a right to undisturbed possession.  We retain all relevant records for eight years.

For further information please refer to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Act 2010.


Terms of Purchase and Returns Policy

A 40% deposit is to be paid prior to the commencement of work with the balance to be paid in full prior to delivery.  Payment options are via direct transfer, credit cards or cash.

We are open to negotiate on products delivered prior to full payment.  Circumstances such as regular bulk orders will allow this.

Returns Policy

We are unable to offer an exchange or refund where a custom made product is supplied correctly.

Your deposit will not be refunded if an order is cancelled after work has commenced.  We will not be held liable for costs if a customer has a change of mind.

An offer of refund or exchange will be made if a custom made product is found to be faulty.  This means if the frame structure has failed in light of its purpose.

We offer to replace your product or provide a refund in the event of a failure of expectation.  This is in place as a genuine effort to achieve customer satisfaction.  If you are unhappy with your frame we offer to replace it with another.

The unwanted frame will need to be returned and in this instance any shipping costs incurred will not be refunded.  Additionally, any further shipping costs are to be met by the customer.  Please read the notes below on postage and freight.


Postage and Freight

Under our Terms and Conditions initial quotes for postage and freight are not final; they are estimates only.  Final freight costs are made after the product is completed and packaged. This allows for full measurements and known weight.

After handing over products to postal and shipping agents we will not be liable for any consequential loss.  This includes as a result of incorrect supply, late delivery or poor handling.

If your product is of significant value, we recommend you consider postal insurance.  Insurance cover will meet most unforeseen costs and give peace of mind.  Please note, insurance fees are the responsibility of the customer.

If your items are damaged during transit please contact us as soon as possible.  Please keep all packing material while we undertake reparation with shipping agents to establish cause.

If it has been established that a product needs to be returned due to negligent packaging, we will arrange this at our expense.  Please keep the original packaging with the product when returning.  Once received, we will reimburse return fees.  We will also replace and ship the product at no further cost to you.

We are a very caring business and go to great lengths to ensure your items are delivered to you in perfect condition. If a mishap does occur, we will do our best to resolve the matter.


Other circumstances that are beyond our control.

We are not responsible for damage arising after delivery to the customer.  Once you have accepted your item/s we are not liable for any further costs.  In other words, the customer is solely responsible for handling thereafter.

The COVID pandemic has increased demand on postal and shipping services.  Postal schedules are now unpredictable.  As a result we can no longer guarantee delivery times.


Naming plaques on frames can be an attractive option.  It is imperative however, that customers undertake their own checks on spelling, punctuation and grammar.  If an error does occur using supplied instructions we hold the customer responsible.

Image quality

We often accept uploaded electronic files to print.  However, we are not responsible for inferior quality or low-resolution images.  It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the image quality is sound.  To resolve any issues we welcome further discussion if you are unsure of the final results.

Photo Colour

Often customers ask us to print their images to frame.  In this instance we use third party photo labs. These labs offer reliable calibration and therefore professional colour matching.  In light of this we are not responsible should print results not match what you expect.  To achieve best colour matching results please contact us for colour proofs. This will include pricing and time frames.


Terms and Conditions – Copyright


We respect the copyright of photographers and artists, real or implied.  As a result, we will not knowingly frame or print images without the consent of the creator or owner of the copyrights.

Customers are solely responsible to ensure they have the authorisation and permission to use images. This is normally given once images have been purchased. However, copyright ownership remains with the artist or photographer.

It is important to add that once we frame images/art we do not own the work presented to us.  To repeat, they are the sole property of the creator/copyright owner.  As such the customer shall assume all liabilities that may occur should a claim be brought against us for use of images.


Natural Edge Framing and Photography holds copyright on images presented on our website and social media pages. These images are watermarked with our logo.  While photos taken by others appear within these images, we seek permission from customers, in good faith, to display them.  Again, copyright ownership of the photos within remain the property of the creators.  Should a customer wish to have images removed, we will do so without delay.


We will not frame, print or post online any image or art work that is obscene, pornographic or profane. In addition, we will not use any material that could give rise to civil or criminal liability under applicable law.  We reserve the right to reject and delete images that we do not deem appropriate.


Personal Safety

Components used in the construction of our products come with inherent dangers. These include glass, acute edges, support rope / hanging wire and weight load.  Personal injury can occur if handled inappropriately.

Natural Edge Framing and Photography accepts no liability for personal injury caused by our products after delivery .  It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure the safe handling of our frames.

When visiting us.

The customer agrees to accept responsibility for their own personal safety whilst on the Natural Edge Framing and Photography premises. This extends to the personal safety of accompanying minors.


Terms and Conditions – Claims

Claims against us must be filed within 30 days from the date of the cause of the claim.  In addition, involved parties will agree to be governed by all state and federal laws.

The customer agrees to hold harmless us, our partners, administrators, suppliers and any third-party providers from and against the following.  All losses, personal injury, expenses, damages and costs resulting from any breach of these T&Cs.

This includes any activity related to a transaction made by the customer.  It also includes any person accessing our service on behalf of the customer.


Changes To Terms and Conditions

We maintain an updated version of our Terms and Conditions on this web site. This is so that you remain aware of how we operate and provide goods.

We may change our T&Cs from time to time at our discretion and without notice. We will make all reasonable efforts to bring those changes to the attention of our users.

Please contact us if you are unsure of our T&Cs. This is in place to ensure you fully enjoy your experience with us.

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