Natural Edge offers framing design for all tastes and desires. 


It’s all about the design is one of our major philosophies. You only have to look at the endless framing ideas on-line competing for attention.  While we are natural or ‘live’ edge framing specialists, our design ideas are bursting at the seam catering for anyone looking for something different.

Our team receives many requests for designs from artists for framing.  Above is artwork by artist Nancy Tost on display at the Xanadu winery Vintage Beards exhibition in Margaret River.  The image is a simple pencil drawing and includes limited colours with lots of white space.  Therefore, only a narrow unobtrusive frame would bring the image out and make it easy on the eye.  Additionally, a black core white mat has been used to match the main image colour.  It’s an understated result intended to produce a dignified composition and pleasing palate.

Bark edge pieces won’t always reveal their secrets until the timber is sawn & dressed and the end result may not always suit.  Therefore, to obtain the best result we are also prepared to create a few frames as options to decide upon.

Below is a Karri burnt bark edge frame revealing the lovely ochre colour still intact underneath the timber’s charred edge.




Thoughtful design

Below is a beautiful frame made from Camphor Laurel, an introduced species to Australia from south east Asia.  While it is considered a weed, it is very common in south east Queensland and exists in urban areas of Perth and now within Jarrah forests just east of Perth and east of Busselton. This timber beautifully suits the indigenous bark art as a floating piece.  It’s a design choice that compliments the artwork’s colour hue, texture and edges that could not be hidden.




photo-showing -corner-of-an-indigenous-turtle-art-on-bark-framed-as-a-floating-piece-in-a-straight-edge-camphor-laurel-frame   


We closely discuss with our clients how they wish their special items to be framed; below is the precious memories of a family pet.  It was only later that a brass plate was added which included some special words.  It made the completed frame more personal and meaningful.