On-line marketplace and gift stall…

Welcome to our on-line marketplace.  It’s our exciting new virtual market stall offering lots of items to browse and buy.

If you can’t be with us in person this is the perfect place to view our products all from the comfort of your home.


What’s on offer in the on-line marketplace?

Firstly, we offer a range of framed images available ready to hang on your wall.   These are our own images framed in assorted timbers – both straight edge and bark edge – in various sizes.

Moreover, each frame’s size and price is included with the example photos on our page below.


Secondly, we offer a collection of photographs that showcase the SW of Western Australia.  They include land and seascapes plus images of the region’s cultural heritage.

Additionally, photos can be printed to what ever size you need.  Once ordered, they will be mounted on backing boards and wrapped for protection.  Of course, photos can also be sent as prints without mounts.


Thirdly, we have a range of smaller frames for sale.  They are made with various timbers and come in both rustic style and dressed for a finer finish.

Further, you can easily place your own images within these frames using bendable points at the back.

Lastly, and for best presentation, small easels are also available to buy to place the frame on for a more sophisticated look.


How to use our marketplace…

Please contact us indicating which item you wish to buy and we’ll begin the process of getting it to you.

With that in mind, postage and freight costs throughout Australia will be promptly advised upon request.

Likewise, we can also frame photographs upon request.  To clarify, it is our mission to keep the process as easy as possible to get a completed piece on your wall as soon as possible.

Last but not least, don’t forget, all items on this page can be purchased immediately.  We now invite you to browse our collection below.


Bunker Bay Dunsborough in bark edge Jarrah.          930 x 670mm  Price $695  Buy


Margaret River Cellar Doors, framed in straight edge weathered Jarrah with inner slim line silver filet.  850 x 580mm  $645  Buy


Perth Doors framed in Tasmanian Blackwood     675 x 500mm   $275    Buy

The southwest of Western Australia is a strikingly beautiful region.  Certainly, it is world-famous for stunning coastlines, biodiversity and country charm. Further more, WA’s southwest is a very special place and it is this uniqueness that I am drawn to and endeavour to capture in every scene.

The biodiversity hotspot of the South West of WA is legendary.  It is an exquisite display of nature’s profound & precious beauty.  To this end, our collection is a celebration of the wildflowers that emerge year round in the South West.  Many of these treasures are not far from home while others are further afield. 

Big swell at Northpoint – Cowaramup Bay June 2015

Gordy Bay Rottnest Island