Welcome to framing with a difference.

We’d like to introduce you to a style of framing that offers an individual approach.

Natural Edge is a friendly framing service for all your photo finishing and art display requirements.  Our main passion is creating rustic timber frames that can add a unique finish to any image or object.  We specialise in frames made from the iconic West Australian timbers – Marri Red Gum, Jarrah, Blackbutt, Karri, Sheoak and Tuart which, we believe, will only increase in value as time goes on.  

While hand crafted timber frames are our stock in trade our service also includes using on trend mouldings, stretching canvases and archival / preservation framing

Whether you need a simple frame or an elaborate statement piece to suit your home or office we can help.   

We invite you to browse our website and contact us to discuss any framing style you are interested in.

Photo of Esperance West Beach framed in Bark edge Karri timber made by Natural edge Framing and Photography.

Framing Philosophy

Recycling is our philosophy as we source materials from domestic and industry “waste” for our bark edge frames. We collect log face cuts, old fences, window frames, skirting boards, demolition scrap etc anywhere we can find it. The above image is Esperance’s West beach framed in burnt edge Karri timber from an old Bunbury jetty.  Full slider image above “Out Of Fuel” Cowaramup framed in burnt edge Karri.

Photo of Guillotines Surf Break framed in Marri Red Gum bark edge timber made by Natural Edge Framing and Photography.

Our on-line Marketplace displays hand made frames as well as images of the South West of Western Australian region and beyond for sale.  As such we like to think of ourselves as a one stop shop where you can find a beautiful image, unframed or framed upon request, for that special place in your home or office.  Image above – Guillotines surf break Wilyabrup WA framed in bark edge Marri Red Gum.

Photo of a bride on a beach framed in a Marri red gum bark edge timber frame made by Natural Edge Framing and Photogrpahy.

Timber Framing Choices

West Australian Marri Red Gum (above) is a very versatile timber that has broad appeal.  It is currently ‘on trend’ due to its lighter tone and silky lustre.  In addition, it offers a wide spectrum of colour and moods and it’s varied texture can have a rustic appearance as well as a finely dressed luminosity that can suit almost any decor.

Lefties surf break at sun set near Gracetown Western Australia framed in old growth Jarrah bark edge timber made by Natural Edge Framing & Photography.

West Australian Jarrah (above) is Australia’s most celebrated hard wood. It was the initial go to resource for early settler expansion and industry.  Old growth Jarrah is now so coveted it is the first to be salvaged from demolition sites to be reclaimed and recycled. Painting over Jarrah these days is considered sacrilege.  Older Jarrah is dark while younger timber has a warm ochre tone with both having a beautiful ingrained texture.   Image – “Lefties” Gracetown WA.

A harvested field of canola with the Stirling Ranges in the background with a dramatic sky framed in WA Sheoak bark edge timber made by Natural Edge Framing and Photography.

West Australian Sheoak (above) got its name from early settlers to Australia due to its similarities to European Oak. However, the ‘she’ was in reference to its ‘inferior’ mid size stature and less robust structure. Sheoak is a mid tone timber and is similar in colour to Jarrah but has a beautiful pronounced curly grain texture that has an individuality all of its own. Image – harvested canola field Porongarups WA.

Black and white pencil drawing of a leafy plant framed in Marri Red Gum bark edge timber made by Natural Edge Framing & Photography.

Kim Shippe pencil artwork above – framed in Marri Red Gum.

Due to the COVID19 concerns we are currently operating by appointment only, or via email consultations.  To assist you we create mock up images to allow a virtual view to reach your desired result prior to ordering.  Every effort will be made to make the process as easy as possible and ensure your welfare is not compromised. 

A beautiful frame for an

engaging family


West Australian Blackbutt

Bark Edge Specialists

Marri Red Gum 

Framing of value that will

only increase as time

goes by….

Dressed straight edge Marri Red Gum

A bespoke frame…

Quininnup Falls Yallingup

framed in young Karri.

Framing for that

one special image

of your day…..

Marri Red Gum

Framing For Artists….

Pre fabricated mouldings

available for any taste

A table top art piece…

Weathered Marri Red Gum

for the Marri blossom.

Conservation Framing…

Professional framing for exhibitions

Speciality Timbers…

West Australian dressed Sheoak

Add a stunning

outdoors image…. 

Corrugated Iron mixed with

weathered Jarrah

An authentic product…

A Karri frame for a Karri forest

A family keepsake….

Bark edge Jarrah frame with a naming plaque.

Karri from old Bunbury Jetty…

Esperance West beach framed

in burnt edge Karri bark edge

Cobblestones Surf Break Gracetown framed in bark edge old growth Jarrah made by Natural edge Framing and Photography.

Above West Australian Jarrah

Photo of Elephant Rock at Greens Pool Denmark Western Australia framed in Karri Bark Edge timber made by Natural Edge Framing and Photography.

Timber Framing Choices Continued…

West Australian Karri (above) is another hard wood and is the largest tree species in WA.  Due to its tall straight growth pattern and majestic size it was highly valued during early nation building and today its grandeur continues to be featured in tourist campaigns profiling WA’s south west forests. Karri is another warm toned timber which can also include distinctive pinkish hues that can vary greatly in shade depending on its original age. Image – Elephant Rock Greens Pool Denmark WA.

Photo of lightening hitting a Marri tree in a paddock framed in Tuart bark edge timber with bora holes in a wonky style made by Natural Edge Framing and Photography.

A tall hard wood species, West Australian Tuart (above) was highly prized during early settlement and as a result heavily harvested. It is light in colour, similar to honey oak but was unusually hard making it very durable in harsh conditions.  The example above shows timber that has been infested by wood Bora worms which has left an attractive pattern. Image – “Right Time Right Place” Cowaramup WA.

Two images of a wedding couple framed in a single Marri red gum bark edge timber frame made by Natural Edge Framing and Photography.

Customers often wish to incorporate more than a single image into a frame of their choice. Multiple images designed and positioned well can tell a familial ‘story’ in an inspiring way.  Choosing to frame more than one image can suit a variety of budgets and solve that ever constant problem of finding enough wall space.  Timber used above – Marri Red Gum.

Photo of a wedding couple embracing under a veil framed in Marri red gum bark edge timber made by Natural Edge Framing and Photography.

     West Australian Marri Red Gum